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The Maine Social Forum
Bates Mill - Lewiston, ME
July 28th - 30th 2006

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Welcome! The Maine Social Forum is an open and democratic space where activists, organizations, and interested members of the general public have the opportunity to gather to consider some basic questions concerning Maine and the (bio)region.

What kind of future do we want for Maine? For our region? For our nation? For the world? What is our vision of a better society?

Through a series of workshops, cultural events and sessions of the entire forum, we will discuss issues, develop and strengthen networks, and devise strategies that support peace, social and economic justice, and a safe environment. In all the areas of human endeavor - politics, economics, science and technology, culture and faith - we will attempt to show that
"Another Maine is Possible."

The MSF provides the space and logistics to facilitate groups and individuals in the sharing of workshops, performances, and other presentations. From the framework and potential given by the coordinating group of the MSF, the attendant community is empowered to to create the program.

For information about the history of Social Forums, including the World Social Forum, visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Enter the site for the latest news and updates, and more info!