Mobile social media

Mobile social media is a kind of social media where individuals can interact with one another through their mobile phone or any other mobile devices. Mobile social media also occurs in many virtual communities like web based social networking. The current trend is that web based social networks take the most important benefits of the mobile devices like accessibility. Mobile based social networking systems work for spreading content, increase accessibility and make interaction among users from wherever they are. The first generation of mobile social media is application based technology. Applications are pre-installed on mobile handsets. These services can be used by pay as the user’s subscription to the service.

In the second generation of mobile social media, 3G and camera phones are added as features of mobile devices for uploading photos, mobile search for person based on profile, etc.


Third generation brought incredible variations in the mobile social media as a part of our daily life. There are many features included such as enrich user experience, automatic publishing to web profile and status updates, location based content sharing etc. The features of fourth generation of mobile social media are ability to hide presence, asynchronous video conversation, multi point audio chat, multi-player mobile gaming, etc.

The fourth generation has all the features that are advanced of the third generation. In mobile social media, there are two basic kinds of social networks. The first network is companies that made partnership with wireless phone carriers to allocate their communities through the default start pages on mobile phone browsers. The second is companies that do not have any partnership with mobile phone carriers and they rely on other methods to grab the user’s attention.

Mobile social media has gained its benefits generally due to well-built mobile applications. Because of mobile social media all the users are mobile and all are socializing. Using a mobile device, the users can perform social networking functions like updating their status, sharing and viewing pictures, finding friends, and instant messaging. Users get great experience from these activities. Users are now capable to shoot a video from their device and can quickly post it to their profile. This video playback enhances the richness of user generated content and lock-in to the network. The intention of the mobile social media is to keep the user engaged and active on their network always. The delivery tools are designed to be more scalable and robust.