Social media monitoring tools

Social media become a main motivation of marketing for small businesses. To build a community about the particular product or service, expand the market target, and to pay attention to the customers what they want social media is a fantastic tool. Social media is very much valuable. Measuring social media ROI is a very challenge activity. If the users want to know what is happening around the social media web, they need social media monitoring tools. There are numerous data analytics tools are available. Most of them are charge a fee. There are free and low cost analytics tools are also available to measure the social media activity. These tools analyze the activities such as number of conversions directly related to social media efforts, increase in brand mentions, the growth rate of the online community, etc. When selecting their social media analytics tool, the user must know what they are measuring and why. Hootsuite is the most popular tool for monitoring social media activity. It is a web based dashboard that enables the user to monitor the multiple social networks in one place. To monitor the social network, users must be collaborated with the employees, assign tasks to the team and schedule messages. It is very effective for handling multiple accounts on the single platform. It also has the dashboard for the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Klout is another tool that provides an influencer score according to the social media activity. 400 variables are used for evaluating the Klout score. Klout is very much helpful for every individual to understand and control their influence. It also analyzes the content for identifying the top influencers.

TweetReach is the tool for determining the users who are reading the tweets, sharing activity, measuring impact, and so on. TwentyFeet accumulates the users’ activity from numerous social media platforms so that they can get the full picture of their online presence. Then they can determine which of their activities are more valuable. Twitalyzer is an analytic tool for measuring the users’ impact, their influence on the Twitter and their engagement. PeerIndex is the tool for determining the users’ online authority. This tool provides the topics which are best to focus. SocialPointer analytic tool provides the ability to the users to track and monitor social mentions and respond to them in real-time. The SocialPointer will find the potential customers, listening to competitors, and get feedback from them. Before selecting the tools for social media monitoring, the users must find which tools are most important for aligning their business needs and personal preferences.