Review of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie ArmyHits

  • Diverse zombies
  • 4 player mode


  • Game play is not very exciting
  • Single player mode is very boring and annoying
  • Levels look similar and also the monsters

The plot is unmistakably one of the most popular games of World War II chronicles. There is the devil in the form of Hitler and he gets zombies on his sides with the Allied forces trying to get rid of these creatures. This is as much can be said about the plot of the game but it is not a jaded one as zombies and Hitler are very popular (read hated) characters in the world of video games. It is really very satisfying to shoot these enemies in a video game.

What then is the change from the rest of the zombie based games? It is the format of Sniper Elite in the form of Nazi Army that brings some excitement to the gamer though the concept goes far away and does not remain as thrilling as it is in the beginning. Conspicuous by their absence are the slyness and the fast pace of the earlier Sniper Elite V2. The surprise elements that were there in the form of preying on a zombie in a secretive manner or getting out of a place without being noticed are nowhere in this game. In the entire game, you can move ahead only by killing all your enemies around and you do not feel the thrill of furtiveness anymore.

Wind and bullet drop get not quite the billing that they get in similar games that are around. In fact, your bullet will hit the spot where you take the aim in this game. In a sense this is good for you as you are not required to take a perfect aim when there are so many of the zombies around. However, this missing element is felt by gamers and they feel more like playing third person shooter game.