The ‘solitary’ Companion

With multiple functions and many more attachments it has become necessary to have an iPhone which has basic soft wares in order to avail the options available. It is your companion 24×7.

The Pink Apple iPhone can be used to download many games to while your time away. The hours of waiting can be turned into hours of mind boggling activity. If you like mind exercise machines then this Softik solitaire is a game which will add value to your pink apple iPhone. The solitaire will surely enliven your solitary hours. It is an extremely popular game which most people know and enjoy. Simple to play and easy to master! The controls are simple enough to be handled without taking your mind away from the game you are playing. The pink Apple iPhone now is more than a toy you wish to flaunt and brandish as an expensive accessory.

The Softick solitaire is a native version of the classic Klondike game. It is an offline version which has been especially optimized for the iPhone multitouch screen. The best thing is that one does not require the internet connection to play the game. You can play it anywhere you wish to. The OSX native application is an asset. Time to rock with the latest with your pink Apple iPhone!

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